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Our Mission

The profits from White Muck purchases will go towards establishing and maintaining a farm sanctuary.


Our story

Hello, I am Sabrina Moore; founder and owner of White Muck. I am originally from Los Angeles, Ca but now live in New England. Like any other vegan who goes vegan for the animals, I just decided one day - I had enough. I was vegetarian for 6 years before making the switch over to veganism. When I went vegetarian at 19, I thought I had been doing everything I could to not participate in the abuse of animals. It wasn't until I was 24 years old that I began to become exposed to much more information showing me how wrong I was. As I began to learn the simple things such as cows don't need to be milked; they are mammals, they only produce when pregnant/nursing and all the sad and horrifying facts that follow that statement, that sheep are far too often kicked, cut and even die just from sheering their wool, that none of the "meat" animals are "humanely" killed and far too many are still conscious, kicking, screaming and have the ability to feel pain when their throats are slit.

I read a book on my flight out to visit New England for the first time called " The Great Compassion" which discusses the opposing views in the two branches of Buddhism: to be vegan or not to be vegan. This book, thankfully, focused on why it is important to be vegan. After just reading one of the opening pages [about how most pigs are due to be stunned before slaughtered but, are done so improperly so when they are hung from their back leg and sent hanging down a conveyor belt, they are fully aware of their danger and can feel every moment of the blade being dragged across their throats] I felt sick to my stomach I actually cried on the plane. Shortly after that, I read a part asking me to imagine if due to reincarnation, Buddha came back as an animal that was slaughtered for my sake, how would I feel? Not being a Buddhist and not knowing Buddha, though from my readings he is an honorable man, it didn't resonate with me. However, my brain wandered and I imagined my childhood dog, Jewel, who was more like a sister since we were together from the time I was 6 until 22.  Jewel was and still is absolutely hands down one of the most important people in my life. So I imagined Jewel hanging from her back leg and having some numb-nut slaughterhouse worker slit her throat as she scream and bleed out and that worker not even blink an eye over it. I imagine my best friend helpless, hopeless, and murdered only later to be turned into a slice of bacon or a burger patty for my meal. As I said, I was on my way out to visit New England to decide if I wanted to move there, which I did a few months later, so I couldn't make a change on my trip, but when I returned home to Monterey, Ca on April 1st, 2015, I went vegan "cold-turkey", and have never been happier.

My dad and his dad and who knows how many dads before them, always called our pets "mucks" or "muckaroo" or "muckaroonies" and so Jewel, being an all white Canaan Dog, was deemed the White Muck. This term of endearment serves as the business' name and my ultimate goal is not only to pay homage to Jewel, but to encourage people everywhere to NOT support animal abuse, and to buy cruelty free products.  Jewel has since passed (January 26th, 2013) but she is the heart and soul of this company. The only way I imagine my future to be is living on a farm sanctuary; surrounded by animals rescued from and free from abuse. White Muck's profits will not only show support for a cruelty free lifestyle, but it will fund the rescuing of animals in the future.

I know the vegan life style is a strict commitment but when you do it for them [the animals] and not yourself, the choice is actually very easy. Please help me in supporting cruelty free items, help lessen the suffering of animals, and help spread the word by purchasing cruelty free items found here on whitemuck.com designed by myself and the help of some artist friends.



Sabrina Moore


Owner - White Muck Vegan Apparel

Sabrina was vegetarian for 6+ years before going vegan on April 1st, 2015. Her goal for creating White Muck is to use the profits from the sales of the clothing line to establish and maintain a farm sanctuary.

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Lindsey Serata

Designer - Lindsey works with Sabrina to create a majority of the White Muck designs. She is a talented designer and you can check out her Instagram for more of her work! @lindseyserata