Choosing cruelty free

Its not easy being vegan in a world of carnivores. Vegans know all too well the struggle of food shopping taking twice as long in order to check for items with hidden (and who knows why!) added milk ingredients, the struggle of buying shoes and wondering "where is there even leather in this?" and in the winter having to say "I know wool keeps you warm but, it should be keeping a sheep warm".

What does it mean to have clothing that is cruelty free? We will not use materials that come from animals; such as wool, silk or leather. Our shirts are cotton, bamboo, or hemp based. Our dyes are cruelty free because the testing of the dyes were not performed on animals. When ever possible, our other supplies are eco-friendly to help continue the cycle of a happier planet. Regardless of cost, we will not compromise our ethics by using materials that are known to have harmed animals and will only use products labeled cruelty-free.

As bitter as I am that there is so much exploitation when it comes to animals and so very few laws to protect them, I am happy to note the substantial difference in vegan businesses, food items, social media groups, etc that are active today versus even a couple years ago. The vegan community [whether that's in your state, country, or community worldwide via the internet] has continued to grow and is at an all time high. I feel discouraged when I think of the amount of animals who need to be rescued, who are being abused, who are being killed as an offering to a human but I am also filled with hope in knowing so many people out there are working hard to limit the amount of suffering. White Muck is my offering to the vegan community to help promote veganism in defense of the animals and doing it through providing cruelty free clothing. I could easily go on a rant to explain the horrors of animals being used as slaves for humans, but there are plenty of documentaries who can sum it up more consistently simply through their video and photographic imagery that captures the life cycle for animals. Please understand I won't post those images here for the sheer fact that I cannot bare to look at them. I hope if you are not already vegan but, are curious about the cause, you will view this information int he hopes that if you too can't bare to look at it, you will consider making a change. Here are some well known documentaries following the abuse of animals used to provide goods to humans.

* Cowspiracy

* Earthlings

* Vegucated

* Fork Over Knife

* Live and Let Live